Group Classes

Highly Engaging and you will never lose the tempo when you work out with a group of members. Motivation level increases along the way.


Weight Loss Training

Burn fats quickly by following our targeted cardiovascular exercise regime. Achieve safe but highly effective weight loss. (1).png

Strength And Conditioning

Let our Strength and Conditioning Specialists help you optimize your performance. Speed, agility, quickness, change of direction, injury prevention, power, strength. All qualities of a fit body.



Having a dance orientation in it, aerobic is known for promoting comprehensive health wellbeing. Aerobic classes are perfect solutions for those who find the traditional gym a little boring.



Short for cardiovascular exercise, cardio workouts get your heart pumping - making it strong, helping you lose weight and reducing your risk of heart attack, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.


Resistance Training

Resistance can be provided simply by moving your body against gravity or by adding weighted dumbbells. You can also add resistance by using machines at the gym or by using equipment such as weighted bars, bands, or kettlebells.


Functional Training

We have a team of full-time experienced trainers specializing in Functional Training who care about you and your success.  Disciplined, creative and models of success themselves; they understand what your dreams are about.


Personal Training

The best training programme is the one that fits your personality and brings out your best. Our team offers a wide range of personal experiences and skills to sync with your needs.


Weight Training

Building and maintaining muscle is necessary for all of us, especially as we age. And the earlier we start, the better. Firm up your muscles by doing results producing weight training routines


Diet Programs

Redefining the way diet plans are designed. Get a completely customized diet plan keeping in mind the minutest details. Shred fat and gain muscles with scientifically created diet plan from our certified nutritionists.

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